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Welcome to EMGRobotics - Chumby
ChumbyCV - A Open Source Computer Vision framework/library for the Chumby device
A native development environment for the Chumby Device

Chumby Based Robotics Presentation

Click Here to Download Chumby RobotSee USB FlashStick image
Click here to download 3 volt to 5 volt level shifter schematic

After Downloading the above ZIP file, uncompress it to the root of a USB flash stick.
Then turn off your Chumby One, plug the USB stick into the Chumby One, and turn it on.
It takes about 3 minutes to boot. After the logo screen appears, goto your computer and refresh
your WiFi list. Select ChumbyFW.
You can download Tera Term here. After installing Tera Term, open a ssh connection to
username is root, leave password blank.
Once logged into the chumby type: cd /mnt/usb
To edit a program type: ./edit program.see where program.see is the name of your program
To execute your program type: ./RobotSee program.see


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